A Case Study of Leadership: Modern Day Organization

  • Moses Sekindu UNIKL Business School
  • Shahida Shabi UNIKL Business School
  • Dr Mohd Farid Shamsudin Farid CORI University Kuala Lumpur
Keywords: Change Management, Democratic, Governance, Managerial


Organizations play a very important role in societies. In entire life, we have been dealt with organizations, small or large, public or private. Organizations formed by human beings sometimes even control us, dominate society, stifle development or progress, promote growth and change, alter our environmental conditions, and at the same time fulfill our human and societal needs. Their role is multidimensional and dual in nature, they can contribute to the progress and
satisfying human needs, but at the same time they can be a major obstacle in fulfilling accomplishments. They are a powerful instrument in governance and the promotion of democratic values. Initially organizations were simple in structure and management, but as they grew larger they became sophisticated and complex in structure and function, requiring managerial skills and techniques beyond the comprehension of many people. Now here comes the role of the leader who could filter the negative traits and thus direct the organization towards optimism.


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